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The "Kim B.'s Clique" BUNDLE! $42.99

The "Kim B.'s Clique" BUNDLE!
Bundle Includes:
- Drawstring Cinch Bag
- V.Neck Tee
- Key Chain/Flashlight
- Phase 3 CD
- New Heat Promo CD

Get your copy of Kim B's Brand New EP "Phase 3" along with exclusive "Kim B.'s Clique" merchandise.

Phase 3 CD Tracklist:

1. The Anthem feat. Tre Illi
2. Dressed to Kill
3. One on One (Always)
4. Forever Lovin'
5. I Thought I Was the One
6. One on One (Always)[Club Mix]

New Heat Promo CD Tracklist:

1. One on One (Always)
2. Permission (Partition Remix/Beyonce Cover)
3. I Dare You Remix featuring Ellis Bailey
4. Clique featuring Demontrae & Knu York
5. Wiggle (Jason Derulo Cover)

***If you're in Aurora, Illinois you can buy Kim B. merchandise here: Culture Stock *43 E Galena Blvd
Aurora, Illinois *(630) 264-3380

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