Session Singing

Session Singing
  1. Pop/Club - Songwriter: DJ Sultan

  2. Rock/Alternative - Songwriter: Michael G. Gutierrez

  3. Pop/Alternative - Songwriter: Steve Larsen

  4. Pop/Island (Acapella) - Songwriter: DJ Sultan

  5. PodCast Jingle - Songwriter: DJ Sultan

 Can you write your heart out but you can't sing!? Allow me to bring your original songs to life and make it sound like a hit so you can pitch it to other artists! I can even smoothly transition my vocals from singing to rapping. 


"Kim is fantastic, in every sense of the word. She is incredibly talented, great voice, great creativity,
and can whip out awesome multi-layer harmonies like no other. I have been a DJ for 16 years, and
working in production for 8 years, and after one session, Kim is right near the top of the heap with musicians I have worked with.
I look forward to working with her in the future. "

Dj Sultan, 2015

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