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  • Why I Became a DJ!

    Photo Credit: Robert Nipcon ***Location: Signature Room, Chicago, IL 

    I’ve been pretty quiet online but productive as usual offline. I have added another trade to my repertoire. I’m a DJ! Let me tell you why...


    I love music! And being a DJ, has intesified my passion.  Now I don't just listen, I research music.I stay updated on all the new releases and remixes now. I'm discovering music in a way I never have before. Even listening to the radio has become different. During traffic hour, I listen to how the DJ transitions from one song to another etc. 


    The first 10 years of my music career, I did a lot of things for free. I just wanted the experience and the opportunity to build my brand but....let’s be honest,f it don’t make money, it don’t make sense. I was simply looking for an opportunity to earn some extra money, and I found a company that was hiring AND training DJs. I immediately applied for the job. I’ve been training as a disc jockey for the past six months. I get to be around music and get paid for it!


    I’ve heard the key to surviving as an artist is to diversify. Diversify your skills thus diversify your streams of income. I would definitely have to agree with this statement. I sing. I dance. I write. I play the piano. I even model. Learning how to be a disc jockey seemed like a natural next move. I’ve always been fascinated by the craft but never looked into it. 


    XLR. IEC Cable. Subwoofer. Serato. All words I had heard, but did not quite fully understand how to work with. Becoming a DJ, has expanded my musical education and my technology knowledge. I now know what goes into getting the perfect sound mix. Plus I’m familiar with more than just R&B and POP but hair bands from the 80s and even the big band era. It’s important to be versatile in different genres so I can adapt my programming to fit the event and it’s demographic.   

    Career Goals

    Ultimately my goal is to only have artistic related jobs, so this is a step in the right direction.
    It’s been a fun yet challenging experience for me. It’s truly an adrenaline rush.
    And of course I love the fact that I can throw my own music into the mix.
    No more having to persuade other DJs to do it, I’ll do it myself!

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