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  • Album Review: "Kimberly: The People I Used to Know"

    My namesake is really embracing her government name these days. I heard she wants people to start calling her Kimberly now. That’s gonna take some time for us to get used to.

    I am a K. Michelle fan. I slept on her music at first, until I tuned into her reality show “My Life” and saw her making her third album “More Issues Than Vogue” . That’s when I decided to check her out. I truly had underestimated the quality of her music. Her catalog is quite impressive. For me, she filled that Keyshia Cole void that needed to be filled, which is basically this generations Mary J. Blige.

    This is her K. Michelle’s 4th LP. She said the last album would be her last R&B project, and she was going country. She even had a country track on that album, “If It Ain’t Love…”. But here she is, with another R&B album, 21 tracks to be exact (tho 4 tracks are interludes). Actually, I would be open to listening to a country album from K., but I’m definitely not mad at this album.

    This album starts out quite explicit, typically I purchase clean versions of songs, but for the sake of this review, I felt it necessary to listen to the rawest version of the album.

    If this album were in CD format, I imagine it would be a double disc. The 2nd half of the album, I felt a shift in the vibe. It reminded me of Beyonce “I Am...Sasha Fierce” double disc album. The 2nd half of the album is slower in tempo, though the content is  still aggressive.

    Overall, this is a solid artistic effort. It’s not just another “by the numbers” R&B album. She clearly used  a lot of her real life experience to inspire this album. K. Michelle is very true to herself and very unfiltered. She is a REAL artist and not manufactured. I love how K. Michelle is not scared to “Go there”. She addresses stereotypes and cultural appropriation on “Kim K.”, her frustrations with the haters on “Talk to God”, her attempt to hide her emotions on “Make This Song Cry”. She truly lets us in. I don’t think there’s anything K. Michelle is going through that she didn’t address on this album!

    Favorite Tracks:

    • “No Not You”: I almost cried listening to this. Her natural vibrato sings about disappointment and heartbreak. There is so much conviction in her delivery, I could feel everything she was singing.

    • “Run Don’t Walk”: Co-written by Kelly Clarkson, it’s this album’s country track. This could definitely be a crossover record. K. continues to prove she can go country when she’s ready. She sounds so natural on this.

    • “Talk to God”: Such great advice to the haters. She both raps and sings on this track discussing how much she’s grown. She is above the drama now.  “If this was church I would make it to the altar. A few years ago I probably would of fought ya”.

    • “Brain on Love”: I love how she belts the chorus. The girl can SANG. She compares love to a drug “ crutch, my pleasure, and my pain…”.  

    • “Make This Song Cry”. I love hearing a woman’s perspective on giving up her player lifestyle for a man and how hard it was not to cheat on him.

    As you can see I’m a sucka for a good slow jam. Listen to this album and let me know what tracks you were feeling below. Also, let me know who’s album I should review next...