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  • New Song: One on One (Always)

    Kim B.'s New Single is here! 

    Our generation is so distracted by so much technology and we're always updating our social media profiles. It's real easy to start neglecting your life offline and the people you love. 

    This song is about spending quality time together, face to face, no distractions. 

    Listen below and see how it turned out.

    Watch This First...


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    Verse 1

    Tell me why you don’t answer my calls

    You seem like you don’t even care at all

    Last time I checked you still wanted me

    So baby why can’t we express all our needs


    One on One with you is all I want

    Can we spend some time put down your phone

    Look me in the eyes tell me I’m the one...always

    One on One with you is all I need

    Anything you want boy it’s in me

    You’re everything I wish for in my dreams...always


    Verse 2

    I’m not sure what you got on your mind

    But all I wanna do is spend quality time

    Quality Quality Oh!

    B Section

    Baby what’s wrong with that

    Don’t act so stand offish

    Oh you wanna play mad

    Now you know I'm that kind of chick

    Who can see you through

    Holding back can’t stand up to this

    So do what you do

    I can change our night in one kiss


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    What do you think of "One on One?” Leave a comment below, I’d love to hear your thoughts.