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  • Kim B. Rocks Elgin at JB’s. (September 22, 2012)


    So, Gremlen Studios put together a showcase that featured a lot of rappers and………..ME! LOL

    Once again I was the only female performer and singer, I’m not complaining, just simply making an observation. I have been the only female at shows for quite some time now (even my dancers are males) so I’m used to it. I’ve actually embraced it.  No biggie!

    I open my set with a Kim B. original “…Makes Me Wanna Dance” Though it was my 6th time performing this song, it was my 1st time doing it without Knu York. I missed his presence and energy, but the show must go on! So I cut Knu York’s part out of the song and filled it with a dance break (typical Kim B. fashion right, lol) which the crowd seemed to really enjoy.

    Another 1st for me last night was adding a costume change. Okay, so it wasn’t a full wardrobe transformation (I simply change my top and through on my gloves and shades.) But it was fun to do while my dancers entertained the audience and showed their skills.

    Both outfits consisted of a white top, anyone who’s been at my shows for the past year may have noticed this strategic color choice. Whenever I know I’ll be performing in a low-light setting, I wear white to make sure I stand out on stage and camera. It’s been a pretty consistent image this year for me and my dancers. I think it works!


    I ended my set with a Kim B. original “Thank God”. At first, I had planned to place my latest single “Cry Myself to Sleep” in the show, but after much thought I decided that it would not fit the tone I was going for that night so I switched it with “Thank God”. I really felt led to sing it and I didn’t care if it was “risky” because the song is a representation of me – Kim B, and everything I believe in, so…why not sing it?

    The audience couldn’t have been more receptive though, by the end of the song everyone was repeating “Thank God” after me. What a wonderful sound to hear. I loved it!

    So my entire set went over well, and when I was done total strangers were coming up to me, hugging me and complementing the performance. In appreciation, I gave out free Cds in exchange for email addresses for my newsletter. I’m really excited to connect and keep in touch with my new friends and fans!

     Well that’s about all for now people. I hope you enjoyed my review/wrap-up of my show. I plan to make blogging a habit from now on. Thanks for reading, please leave comments and feedback. Love you all.

    God Bless,

     Kim B.